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Big data

Data Centric Services

SAGE Black provides a wide range of data centric services from data architecture and database design to software development and architecture implementations.

Our specialty is designing, building and deploying large information solutions:


Cloud Computing


Web Development


Security Support


Technical and
Leadership Training


Project leadership


Talented, Qualified and
Highly Motivated People


Intelligence and Data Analysis Services

SAGE Black provides a wide range of data analytic services from intelligence analysts to specialized cartography analysis services. SAGE Black stands ready to transform data into information for our customers.

We pride ourselves in bringing highly experienced, top of the line analysts to the team to ensure our customers are provided with top tier intelligence and data analytics:


Intelligence Analysis


Imagery Analysis




Data Science


SAGE Black Skill Sets

SAGE Black is constantly looking at the market and determining where business needs are going unmet or expanding at a rate that we could add significant value. If the need involves data, we want to be the masters at addressing that need.

Our current portfolio includes:

  • Focus on delivery while expanding to commercial environments where we provide unique value
  • Developing and delivering talent across the spectrum of software and database technologies
  • Cyber awareness and capabilities – hardware & software
  • Continuous Integration (CI) and DevOps strategic delivery
  • Oracle based technology provider
  • Agile delivery process and methodology
  • Top tier intelligence and data analysis services

SAGE Black University

SAGE Black University is a budgeted strategic directive focused on developing the SAGE Black team member’s core capabilities through professional and technology education and training.

Office building

For the Customer

SAGE Black customers understand that if they need skills brought into their domain, SAGE Black is responsive. We put together custom, comprehensive training events that bring our consultants up to speed quickly. Our goal is to have cutting edge knowledge on all of the technologies our customers use.


For the Consultant

Our consultants understand that keeping up on the latest technology trends is important. Our consultants are afforded paid training opportunities throughout year. SAGE Black University ensures that those days are utilized to maximize the benefit to the customer, the consultant and to SAGE Black.

For the Company

As a company, we understand that a focused investment in our people keeps us competitive. By listening to the customer’s needs as well as monitoring emerging technologies, we can stay ahead of the progress curve to ensure our people are ready to deliver when called upon.